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Monday, September 12, 2005

Daly City Pho

pho 99
8/14/2005 11:42 pm
Where: 188 Skyline Plaza, Daly City

This afternoon we headed over to Skyline Plaza for a bowl of steaming hot Pho (vietnamese beef noodle soup) before doing some grocery shopping at Ranch 99. We were surprised to see that the relatively decent-sized restaurant was almost completely filled with patrons. Fortunately we got a seat pretty quickly and our usual order of Number 11 (rare steak and beef tendon) arrived shortly after.

Here's why we love the place:

1. Efficient service (we waited just about five minutes in spite of the packed restaurant to get our bowls of noodle soup)
2. Only about $6 including tips for a bowl of good broth and fresh ingredients (the bean sprouts are my criteria for freshness and the ones they serve there are about as perfect as bean sprouts can get)
3. Great broth (that's what Pho is all about really; the broth)
4. Location (right next to Ranch 99 where we do most of our grocery shopping)

And while we're on the subject of grocery shopping, check out these fresh lychees and longans we bought today. The lychees weren't that great but the longans were really a steal at $2.99/lb. Especially since I've only seen frozen longans at Ranch and not fresh ones. So the heck with my 'heatiness' for now cos my tastebuds have been deprived for too long......
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By: Janice@Hunnybunz @ 8/15/2005 11:22 am

MMmm...the longans do look delicious - juicy. We've got plenty over here. Have been having em almost everyweek.
Reply (Grace): wah every week! so shiok! I don't even know if Ranch will still have fresh longans the next time I go. *sniff* =)
By: Min @ 8/15/2005 10:00 am

hey we bought lychees this weekend too! delish :)
Reply (Grace): gd gd! my Think I might get more longans if I go Ranch this week. Assuming they still have fresh longans. =)
By: gracey @ 8/15/2005 03:15 am

i tink its pretty nice to spend a afternoon with someone u envy of u...
Reply (Grace): yah I like grocery shopping with Wen. =) Buying food... and with my favorite guy. Two of my favorite things =)
By: MrsT @ 8/14/2005 11:00 am

To die for..!! pho & longan..!! envy .. envy..!!
Reply (Grace): come visit mrsT... I chiah (treat) you all of the above. hehe

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