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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Mysteries Surrounding 'Pho' (noodle soup)

Pho soup, like many other myths, has a mysterious beginning. Historians and fervent defenders of Vietnamese gastronomy have tried to penetrate the mystery of the arrival of this soup, considered for a long time to be the national dish of the North. The cuisine, like many other cultural aspects of a nation, is subject to evolution and it has grown richer and stronger after having contact with neighbors and visitors.
The question raised during the press conference organized by Sofitel Metropole Hanoi and the Delegation of European Commission at the end of 2002, turns around the origin of 'Pho'. Is this soup an original Vietnamese creation or an adoption of some foreign culinary blend, which has been adapted and integrated into the Vietnamese culture? The answer? No one, for certain knows.
Although, the first conference couldn't give out any definitive answer to the question; please feel free to express your own ideas and thoughts on the origins.
Many thanks to Didier Corlou and to Nguyen Dinh Rao, President of Unesco Club of Gastronomy.
Frederic Baron, AmbassadorChief of the Delegation of the European Commission to Vietnam

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