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Monday, September 12, 2005

Portland didn't have any good pho

Late last year, a blogger at Pho King (go ahead and giggle, Beavis) commented that she might have to move back to California because she had heard that Portland didn't have any good pho. I've eaten Vietnamese, including pho, in cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, and Sacramento. I never felt like we were truly lacking. But I usually prefer the bolder flavors of Thai food and had only been to a few of the most prominent Vietnamese restaurants in town. And I hadn't eaten enough pho to consider my palate educated.

So recently I decided to start exploring Portland's Vietnamese restaurants, both to mature my palate and to see if there were any undiscovered gems among the many new pho houses. Over the next several weeks, I'll be publishing my results a few restaurants at a time as I finish my explorations. For this first installment, I visited Pho Van, Pho Dalat, and Pho Thien.

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